Sandals are becoming more of all-around footwear than just a go-to for your lazy days. There are various designs of sandals out there, so choose one depending on the kind of look you are trying to achieve. One mistake can make you look entirely out of place, so be sure to wear them well and comfortably.

Here are some ways to wear that open-toed footwear with style:

1. With your suit separates

In the old days, it was totally unforgivable to pair your tailored suit with a sandal. At present, however, following certain fashion rules can make this pairing look good on you. First is to wear them without socks. Choose a style with minimal to no design and comes in either black or navy. A suit separate will also help you look less formal. Don on a neutral blazer, dark trousers, and a white collared shirt to nail the smart casual look.

2. With your Chinos

Sandals can make your chino and T-shirt ensemble more appealing. You can go for black, grey or earthy colors with your Birkenstock if you are aiming for the man-of-the-world look. Or, you can go for a coastal vibe with chinos and tucked-in shirt paired with your sunnies and black strapped leather sandals.

3.   With your Jeans

Jeans and sandals, when worn the right way, can make a stylish pairing. Light-Washed slim fit denim with summer knitwear gives off a casual vibe, so make sure to choose a sandal that won’t contradict it.

4. With your swimwear

Your best bet to look your best while donned in your beachwear is to complete your ensemble with a hiking sandal that’s technical-looking. It will help you get from the beach to the bar easily without incurring side glances from fellow vacationers. Tailored swim shorts and dark top will surely bring out your tan.

5. With your Tailored Trousers

A wide leg trouser that gently tapers down to a cropped ankle would look smart on your strapped leather sandals. Choose a black or blue color with a thick rubber sole.

6. With your Shorts

A muted color well-cut shirt and tailored short can help you tame the statement of baring your legs.

7. With your Socks

Men under thirty can best pull off this style. To give it a try, wear your printed shirt, vest, and short shorts. If you want to be safe, go for black shorts and a shirt with block color.

8. With your Suit

Your fancy black leather sandals will work with your linen suit and a printed shirt to give you a smart casual look. But note: don’t push your luck by pairing your dinner jacket with your sandals.