Sex and coronavirus

Coronavirus has been tough on the whole world. What some couples are wondering is if they can keep up with personal intimacy at this time. Here is everything that you need to know and how to take safety precautions when having sex with your partner.

First question: Can You Get Coronavirus Through Sex?

Social distancing is very important right now. If you don’t live with your partner, then you should not have sex, let alone go see them. The whole point of social distancing is to limit people from seeing each other in the possibility of contracting the virus. In the long run, yes you can get coronavirus from sex if the other partner exhibits symptoms of the virus.

If one of you is displaying symptoms of the virus, then you should not have sex. Having sex will only pass on the virus. Carriers of the virus may not have any symptoms. Stay away from your partner if you’re exhibiting any symptoms. If you are not sure of what the symptoms of Coronavirus are, go and research everything that you should know about the virus.

Should I Be Dating Anyone New at This Time?

Short answer: No. Social distance yourself. Dating can wait. New sexual partners are not advised at this time because A. they could have symptoms and B. There’s no place to go. In all seriousness, you should not have sex with a new romantic partner at this time. One who does not have any symptoms, but could be a carrier may end up passing along the virus.

Be Responsible

If you are living with your partner while social distancing, take responsibility and safety if you do have personal intimacy. Make sure that each partner is healthy before doing anything.