Fans of the James Bond franchise are not in favor of Robert Pattinson playing the role of the next 007.

Robert Pattinson, now 33 years old, was loved for his character as Edward Cullen, the lead male star in the hit young adult series “Twilight”, and some movie critics are saying he should stick to that kind of roles.

Oscar-winning director David Boyle suggested the idea, which dawned on him while he was watching Pattinson’s latest sci-fi film called “High Life”, where there was too much voyeuristic focus on Pattinson’s body.

In a review, New York Times writer Manohla Dargis said that High Life had a hint of discreet eroticism that felt exciting and at the same time a bit dangerous, and credited Pattinson’s seductive appeal for it.

With his strong jawline, Robert Pattinson is undeniably an attractive man. He can look extremely dashing in a suit and while maintaining a stoic look. And up to now, no one knows for sure whether his skin is made up of diamonds.

But some say that the Twilight star is a bit young to portray the role to the legendary secret agent, who was previously portrayed by actors who were then in the ages of 35-40. Some critics also point out that Pattinson do not come close to the elegance and finesse of previous 007 stars Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, and Sean Connery.

However, Boyle, who was initially involved with the creation of the said movie, stated that the Twilight actor and vampire heart-throb is at his prime and he is ready to be the next James Bond.

Boyle was commissioned along with John Hodge to pen the script for the latest film of the James Bond installment, but they were immediately kicked off the project. Boyle said the company didn’t really like what he and Hodge were doing, so they decided to leave the production.