Legend is a word that most of us are familiar with. For some, a legend is a historical story which is passed through traditions and has no specific proof or source. While others know legend as a person who is famous and has done a remarkable contribution in this world. Throughout time, numerous people have been called a legend. Some people are recognized for their excellence in sports, academics, and other outstanding qualities. There are also those who are recognized because of the great deeds they have done. Unfortunately, devastating news about a certain legend was recently reported. Niki Lauda – a Formula One legend, has died.

Who is Niki Lauda?

Niki Lauda was born on Feb. 22, 1949, and came from a wealthy family. His father works in a paper-manufacturing industry but instead of taking the same path, he decided to concentrate on his business talents and was determined about his dream to become a race car driver. Lauda is known for winning two world titles despite his serious injuries. He suffered from major injuries and serious burns around his body after a shocking crash accident. Lauda’s body got burnt when he encountered a crash while competing in the German Grand Prix in the year 1976. But he shocked people, even more, when he came back to race just 6 weeks after the accident.

Illness and Death

Lauda’s serious injuries caused a lot of damage to his body. Because of this, he suffered from different illnesses and had to do surgeries. Lauda had 2 kidney transplants and last August 2018, he had a lung transplant which was important to help him fight a “serious long illness.” At the age of seventy, Niki Lauda was confirmed dead by the same doctor who performed his lung transplant. It is, indeed, heartbreaking news. But his family who’s trying their best to overcome the grief stated that Lauda “passed away peacefully.”