Being a celebrity seems all fame and fortune, but it does not keep them away from scandalous secrets that might ruin their name. Some insiders know how to indulge readers with some unpleasing, or shocking, revelations from these big names in the film industry.

Let’s discover the hidden truths of some famous names and movies.

Demi Moore

Back in the ’90s, Demi was a huge hit starring in many major films. But one particular director leaked some unusual demands that the actress requested during filming. Apparently, Moore “looked” better on her left side so all shots and sets should be fixed to complement that side of her face.

Rocky: Cheaply Made Film

Two producers run the film Rocky with only $1 million production budget. They had to shoulder every penny that would be spent beyond the agreed budget. The team had to alter every scene to work within their budget.

One scene required plenty of extras to fill in an empty stadium. The producers were able to secure 25 actors but that wasn’t enough to fill in every seat they needed. To make the scene, they welcomed people from assisted-living facilities. Since most of them are sick and elderly, they had to do something to make these people look cheery and lively on screen. They raffled off TV sets every hour so these extras remain alive and feisty as needed.

Trump’s Spotlight Career

Before Donald Trump joined a cable news studio, he did cameo appearances in different movies. He was appearing as himself. However, there was only one film that he badly wanted but never got to join: The Wolf of Wall Street.

Trump was supposed to land a big part in the movie, which he suggested to the producer. Sadly, the script was finished and it was deep into production that his idea never seen the light of day.

Creed Showed Two Endings

The producers were given a go signal to show Creed winning the big fight. However, they wanted to stick with the original story of the character losing the game. To please MGM, they shot both endings and tested both movies in a back-to-back viewing schedule. The approval rating was just the same so they ended using the one where he lost. Some people believe that they could have gotten further if they let him win in the end.