Everyone desires to have a partner with whom they can spend their whole life. Being in a relationship takes a lot of work, moreover, keeping it a gratifying and strong one is a shared task. Learn how to create and maintain a delightful and thriving partnership.


You would want to be in a relationship where both of you can be happy and satisfied. But much responsibility is needed to make it a thriving one. Create and establish your connection by applying these concepts.


Relationships are not always smooth sailing, and many times, there will be misunderstandings, which are signs of a thriving relationship. During these times, you get to have an in-depth knowledge of your spouse. Conversations are the simplest way to be emotionally connected.

Heart to heart talk is an integral part of any relationship. You are not mind-readers, so express your feelings and do not keep your partners guessing. Observe also for body languages such as eye direction and crossing arms, which may mean more than words. And most importantly, listen. Through communication, you will know the desires and thoughts of each other, as well as your worries and problems, and it will make your connection stronger and more profound.


Although you are a couple, you should have your own identities as individuals also. Stay connected with family and friends, continue your interest, and pursue your passion.


Stayingin love is what we want more than falling in love. Staying in love is a conscious effort to keep the commitment and relationship amidst problems and challenges. Here are some tips which can help you keep the flames of love burning.

  1. Be with your better half.
    Talk with your spouse – about your plans, your work or anything. We may be caught up with our lives, and can only manage to communicate through emails and text, yet talking in person have a more significant impact. We feel more connected and secured. Spending time together can be through eating out, daily walk, community works, or just enjoying your favorite drink together.
  2. Be intimate.
    Affectionate touch can increase the level of oxytocin, a hormone that affects closeness. Physical intimacy can be through holding hands, hugging, kissing, and sex. Set aside a time to increase your attachment.
  3. Tandem.
    In resolving conflicts, learn to compromise and realize what is necessary. Do not aim to be on the winning side always instead express yourself but do not attack your partner personally. Be forgiving and do not bring up past arguments. We say unintentional words when we are angry, so take a break and drop the agreement if it is going nowhere.
  4. Good and Not so Good.
    A relationship will have different seasons. During stressful situations, manage your stress and do not vent it out to your partner. Learn to adapt to changes. Seek marital counseling if the situation gets out of hand.