Game of Thrones, the popular television show that has become a worldwide phenomenon, is currently airing its 8th and final season and is set to end in a few weeks’ time. Although the world may be seeing the last of the GOT episodes, the changes the show brought to the country of Northern Ireland will stay for good.

GOT Boosted Local Business

The show has greatly impacted the livelihood of the local people in Northern Ireland.

William van der Kells, a businessman who gives arrow and ax throwing lessons to tourists has never run out of customers ever since the domination of GOT on the worldwide television scene.

Similarly, dog owner Will Mulhall has successfully made a living with the help of his pets, Thor and Odin. GOT fans would probably recall these lovable fur balls as the dire wolves of the show’s major characters, Bran and Robb Stark. The casting of Odin an Thor to the show has transformed not only their lives but that of Will. Today, the dogs have become national superstars in Northern Ireland. They even have their own Instagram account that has over 25,000 followers.

Northern Ireland’s Tourism Flourished

For locals like William and Will, Game of Thrones is much more than just a show. Over the course of 8 years, the show has helped boost the country’s tourism industry and has taken over the lives of many citizens in a positive way.

Most of the landscapes seen on the show were shot in the famous location in Northern Ireland – from splendid old castles, ancient forest, magnificent coastlines, to vast snow-laden stretch of land. These locations have become highly popular for visitors who are very eager to experience the scenes of the show.

Today, Ireland’s tourism has ballooned into a $40-million industry, attracting some 120,000 foreigners annually.

Many locals agree that Game of Thrones gave a new light to Northern Ireland, which made the country a more exciting place to live in. And this positive effect is seen to last long after the show has ended.