Discovering your dressing style entails a lot of self-evaluation. It’s not only about fashion, but figuring out your likes and dislikes. It also means considering several factors that you once thought unessential, to come up with a decision about your style.

All of us have our fashion style, which emanates from our unique nature. Dressing up is, in fact, an excellent way to practice connecting with yourself and building your confidence. Find out your style with the tips below.

  1. Distinguish your body type

    This is the most basic thing to know when discovering your personal style. Your body type does not direct what you should wear, but it gives you an idea of the kinds of clothes that would look good on you. In essence, it’s similar to discovering where you’re good at and working from there.

  2. Go through your wardrobe

    Scan your closet and identify the clothes you always use from the ones you have never worn. Obviously, the clothes you repeatedly wear point toward your preferred way of dressing.
  3. Put together your favorite looks

    Recall your favorite looks from the past and if you can, compile photos of them in a folder. Choose the ones that shows you wearing your favorite clothes and the dresses you wear often. These photos will give you a clear idea of your style, so work on this result. Improve these looks by purchasing pieces that are in season.
  4. Consider your fashion icon

    Think about that one person you look up to when it comes to fashion. More often than not, they reflect what you want to look like. Whoever it is, your style icon will give you an idea of your style.
  5. Think about what inspires you

    Most of us are drawn to a certain style, such as boho, classy, or feminine.  Sometimes we are aware of it, but sometimes we need the help of others to determine your kind of style. Once you have identified the style that most inspires the way you dress, refer to it the next time you shop for clothes.
  6. Consider your favorite hues

    Loud or muted? Vibrant or toned down? Colors are a big factor in your style.
  7. Think of your preferred accessories

    Jewelries tell a lot about a person’s style. Typically, your accessories are aligned with your overall style. Do you like chunky pieces, or do you prefer fine jewelry?
  8. Remember your ideologies

    What are your life principles? Do you actively support sustainable fashion? Are you up to date with trends? Being consistent with your beliefs in life can help you create a wardrobe that better reflects your true self.
  9. Scan your shoe closet

    Try a backward approach. Think about your favorite pairs of shoes, and imagine what type of clothes will match with it.  
  10. Your preferred brands

    Are you keen about brands? Or do you go for anything that suits your current taste? It will help to have a go-to brand that matches your style.
  11. Have a trademark piece

    Own a signature piece of fashion wear that will complete your ensemble and represent you. It can be a scarf, a certain tshirt type, fabric, or cut.
  12. Link them together

    Everything we have talked about so far should give you one clear idea of your personal style. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to your comfort zone, but it’s actually giving you more confidence so you can enhance your looks.